About Us

It all started after we jumped into the ocean 13 years ago and swam the route of the Sheko Challenge, the ideas flowed from there. Since we love swimming, and the ocean, we want to bring events to the community that allow them to compete in cool environments, and in places they likely have not raced in before. These events help people to be more in touch with the water, raises the profile of marine issues, and of course, promotes sport and outdoor activities.

We are avid swimmers, water polo players, surfers, divers, and paddlers, and we want everyone who uses the water to remember it is their playground. We can all be ambassadors for the sport, and also for the protection and preservation of the ocean.

Doug Woo
Woo enjoys what the environment provides. An avid enthusiastic for water sports and outdoor activities, Woo works in different capacities to further the appreciation and awareness of nature for swimmers, parents, school children and decision makers. Woo works with WWF – Hong Kong, whose consecutive efforts ought not to be ignored, especially in marine conservation, namely sustainable seafood guide, no shark fin pledge, Hoi Hai Wan center.

Doug Woodring
Woodring was nominated for the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year award, due to his contributions to the sport and the environment. His World Open Water Swimming Association nomination reads, “Day in and day out, Doug Woodring works tirelessly to bring the world’s attention to the plastic issues that face our oceans. His open water events are the greenest in the world with their carbon-neutral options and biodegradable products. His projects, run under his NGO, Ocean Recovery Alliance, include the Plastic Disclosure Project and Global Alert – Floating Trash, reach global political leaders and an increasing number of citizens in a number of countries. He is a man of the sea, but he deals with the growing menace of ocean plasticity by going upstream and offering practical solutions that can be reasonably implement by individuals, corporations and governments. For his unwavering focus on a global issue with specific solutions, for his tying together open water swimming with the environmental problems of contemporary times, Doug Woodring is a worthy nominee for the 2012 WOWSA Open Water Swimming Man of the Year.