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Cold Half 2016 – Results

Thanks to all of the Cold Half Extreme Marathon Swimmers for a great, and record-breaking day on Saturday, with the ocean giving us a big thank-you with the weather for helping to take care of it.

Many thanks to Lifeproof, Siagle, The Eclipse Group, AVRA, and  High 5 for sponsoring the prizes, and Ocean Recovery Alliance to organizing the event with AVRA.  Special thanks to our support paddlers: John, Chris, Nick, Ray, Flo, Freddie and Jerry. And a huge thanks to our volunteers: Kat, Polina, Jacob, Edith, Coach Moi and Andy.

Congratulations to Singha Chau, whose 3:04:31 set a new course record for the Men’s Solo Wetsuited and Buoyant, and the entire field.  Also, a new record of 4:47:40 was set by Edie Hu, the first woman ever completed the Cold Half Solo, and also without a wetsuit.  Attila Manyoki took the Men’s Solo Naturally Ocean 1st place with 4:26:03.

Sam Thorley & Ethan McGrath swam an impressive 3:08:31, winning the Men’s Relay 30/30 Wetsuited record by nearly 30mins.  Nicole Evanz & Owen Henderson came first and with a new record for Mixed Relay 30/30 with wetsuit, 3:13:52.  Jemima Ridley and Anneka Styles came first in the Women’s Relay Half/Half Wetsuited with 3:23:46 and broke their own 2015 record.

Doug Woo & Scott Day set a new record for the Men’s Relay Half/Half Wetsuited with 3:32:29; and a new record of 3:41:29 of Men’s Relay Half/Half without wetsuits by Shane Davis & Jeff Faiola.  Alwyn Li & Kenniz Ng won the Men’s Relay 30/30 without wetsuits and set a new record of 4:10:14.  Christina Pazos & Fredric Liljestroem also set a new record for Mixed Relay Half/Half with wetsuit with 3:27:43.

The Cold Half is in SCMP too:

Included are the full results. Great work everyone!  We will have some great photos too, thanks to Cow Lau, which we will forward shortly one he finishes editing (some are posted now).

We hope you all liked the Predictwind tracking system too, and have had a chance to look at it after the race:

SCMP: Hong Kong’s Singha Chau speeds past rivals to become youngest to complete 15km Cold Half swim

Rachel Jacqueline
Published on January 30, 2016, 11:15 pm

A “perfect day” saw 16-year-old swimming sensation Singha Chau demolish the competition at the 15km Clean Half ocean swim on Saturday, finishing more than one hour and six minutes ahead of the rest of the field and becoming the youngest swimmer to complete the race.

2016 The 4th Annual Cold Half

The “Cold Half”, modeled after Asia’s top extreme ocean swim, the Clean Half… except the water temp is more like a good “cool” channel crossing.  This is a perfect training ground for your next big swim.

This is a SOLO race only, or 2-person Relay.  If a relay, the change over cycle is mandated at every 30 minutes, or one change only at the 7.5km point.  You will depart from Stanley Main Beach on Hong Kong Island, and finish at Middle Island Beach.  A post-race BBQ, meal and awards will be held at Royal HK Yacht Club on Middle Island.

Sign up with an email to Shu Pu (
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Cold Half 2015 – Results

Cold Half Extreme Marathon Swim Results (+ the “Cold Standard”)

1) Rob Hart ZAF 4:46:19
Fabien Dugue FRA DNF
Singha Chau HKG DNF
James Penrose DBR DNF

Sylvia Marino USA DNF
1) Henry Wright HKG 2:49:00
Katrin Buchta DEU DNF

1) Jemima and Aneekah Jemima Ridley GBR 3:37:30
2) Sam Squared Samantha Morton SWE 3:39:49
Samantha Gove USA
3) The Vice Cubes Lynda Coggins GBR 4:17:50
Christena Pazos AUS

1) LRC Beach Boys Scott Day AUS 3:54:02
Douglas Woo HKG
2) Scott +Ken Scott Burton AUS 3:56:20
Ethan McGrath
3) Euro dingo Olivier Ricaille BEL 4:07:47
York Schilling DEU
4) The Sprinter Li Ka Ho HKG 4:12:55
Ng Ming Hin Kenniz HKG
5) Cranky Sea Monkeys Arthur Li GBR 4:30:28
Mervyn Fung AUS
6) Mutt & Jeff Alec Stuart USA 4:32:15
Jamie roberts AUS
7) The Speed Boats Simon Holliday GBR 4:39:20
Guido Rautenberg DEU
8) Harrow HK Andre Lau HKG 5:01:08
Malcolm Green GBR
9) Why O Why Andrew Au HKG 5:41:00
James Riley GBR
10) APF Harvey Lee Chi Chung HKG 5:55:00
Samuel Mak HKG

1) Flotsam and Jetsam Sally Rubery GBR 5:07:32
Barry Day CAN

1) White Whales Shane Davis NZL 4:28:49

1) Tritons – Wet and Wild Tony Sabine GBR 4:48:48
Colin Hannah AUS

Cold Half 2014 – Results & Media Coverage

Thanks to all of you who competed in a big Cold Half race this year, with a 150% increase on competitors from last year, and 5 people doing the new Cold Standard event.  We had two great days of press in the SCMP as you might have seen, and a clip below (in Chinese) from iCable.   We had some fast swims, with a few new course records as well.  We had a new solo course record by Alex Beaulne with a time of 3:53:48, a new relay record, doing the 50%-50% method, with no wetsuits, by Fiona Chan and Singha Chua, with a time of 3:28:11, and a new Women’s course record by two 13 year olds, with a time of 3:41:57.   Now, those are a few times to beat!   Great work in tough conditions.

The five who woke up today to run a full marathon were another amazing story – Chris, Alex, Chad, Henry and Tobias!   Keep up the good work, and spread the word for this event for those who are crazily-strong enough to do it!

See you all at the Sheko Challenge on July 5th, and maybe something in the mean time.

Results: 2014
iCable Coverage: Fifty swimmers challenge the extreme swim
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Cold Half – A big weekend for big Hong Kong sports events!

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The 2nd Annual Cold Half Extreme Marathon Swim

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