Clean Half 2014!

Calling All Swimmers,

Looks like a great day tomorrow!! Don’t forget the sunscreen even though they say there might be a few clouds.

We will be doing the registrations on the Stanley Sea School Pier tomorrow (where you usually load for the support boats). We will have 3 registration desks: (1) 10am Start, (2) 11am Start, and (3) Solo Swimmers. Please just send one person from your team to register and get the waiver form dealt with if you have not all signed it. ALSO, we will put your team number on the back of your hand, so we will have a Numbering location where the rest of your team can get “numbered” on their hand after registration.

Race Briefing for 10am Start will be at 9:30am, near the end of the pier.

Race Briefing for the 11am start will be at 10:20am.

We will also be giving you a laminated Race Team number to be placed on the window of your boat. Please return these to us after the race, so please remember to grab these from the boat.

Waivers: These teams/solos have already signed waivers, so there is NO NEED to sign them again tomorrow. For those of you who have not, one is attached, if you want to print it out and fill it in with your teammates before you arrive: Sinking Rats, Asia Pacific Adventures, Bubble Fish, Left Laners, White Pointers, Instinet, Lynda C, Bruce P, Mary CA, Gary Claydon, Rob Kusher, Ben Freeman, Simon Holliday.

LIVE TRACKING – LOCATOWEB. If you want your team to be tracked live, please have ONE member of your team download the LocaToWeb app. We will then tell you what code to use in order to be tracked during the race, so your friends can watch your track from anywhere in the world. There will only be 12 tracks per MAP, so there will be 5-6 maps with different team groups on them.

Please remember, the boat drivers are a huge help for this race (we have sucked 55 of them out of the HK speedboat inventory for this race!), so please give them a bit of a tip if you had a good trip. Many of them do not speak English, but they know the course well.

· Do not jump into the water from the front of the boat – only the back.
· Please do not use the showers at the VRC (where the BBQ will be), please use the showers at the public toilet area near the finish line.
· Please do not go upstairs at the VRC unless you are a member. There will be food/drink at the BBQ on the lower level.
· If you have friends who want to join the BBQ, the cost is $125/person. Please let us know asap

if you know of more than 3 extra people coming in your group.
It will be a great day out there, so we look forward to seeing you in the water!

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