Clean Half 2014 – Results!

Clean Half Swimmers,

Great day out there today! Thanks everyone for making it a great event, with particular thanks to the paddlers who were critical in supporting all of the solo swimmers!

The currents were strong today, and the times reflected that, but that shows us the subtle power of nature when we least expect it! Great work by the brother/sister combo of Benjamin and Jemma Freeman who at 16 and 17 respectively won the solo swims for Men’s/Women.

Thanks to all of the volunteers, and also the Eclipse Group and High Five for their support with some of the awards.

We look forward to seeing you again soon, and maybe at The Five on Nov. 9th. (

Here are the results from the day – Teams


Some of the tracking worked very well, but there were a few glitches……but for the first year, a great start. Here are the tracks for those which were activated on the swim:

Clean Half6 – Men’s

Clean Half 7 – Mixed 2

Clean Half 2 – Mixed 3

Clean Half 4 – Mixed

Clean Half 5 – Men’s

Clean Half 1 – Solo 2

See you In, On or Under the Water, and don’t forget to help protect what we all like to swim in!


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