[Correction] – Jax Sheko Challenge – Swim & Run team results

We do apologize for the error at prize presentation and please join us to congratulate Team – Shek You Laterz for winning the 2nd place of Run & Swim Category. Michael Cavander 2.2km finished ocean swim in 36:31 and Kurt Evans completed 8.5km trail run in 39:17. The correct winners of the competition are as follows:

1. HKFC All Rite Vegemite 01:14:52
Simon Brewster 2.2km Ocean Swim 00:35:01; Iain Veitch 8.5km Trail Run 00:39:51

2. Shek You Laterz 01:15:48
Michael Cavander 2.2km Ocean Swim 00:36:31; Kurt Evans 8.5km Trail Run 00:39:17

3. HKFC A 01:17:10
Stuart Tait 2.2km Ocean Swim 00:34:34, David Gething 8.5km Trail Run 00:42:36

Brilliant efforts of Mike and Kurt. Congrats!