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Stan Group Triple Challenge (formerly known as Repulse Bay Triple) is a unique swimming event featuring in Hong Kong Beach Festival for you to challenge yourself with 3 high-intensity interval swims in an active afternoon. Each swimmer will need to complete all 3 races to get a total race time. Swimmers with the fastest accumulated total race time will be the winners of the event.

Date: Saturday 26 Oct 2019
Location: Repulse Bay Beach, Hong Kong
1. Male & Female. 18 or above
2. NEW! 300m Kids swim: Mixed, aged 10-17
3. NEW! 300m Fresh Fish (for novice adults): Mixed, 18 or above and1st attempt to Stan Group Triple Challenge

14:00 Check-in, warm-up
15:00 Final briefing
15:30 Race 1 – 300m (1 round of 300m swim + beach run) (time allowed: 15 min)
15:45 Race 2 – 600m Race (2 rounds of 300m swim + beach run) (time allowed: 30 min)
16:15 Race 3 – 900m (3 rounds of 300m swim + beach run) (time allowed: 45 min)
17:00 Race finish, Party & Prize presentation






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– All participants are requested to sign a “Waiver of Liability and Declaration” before the race.
– For participants under the age of 18, parent or guardian consent letter is required.
– Participants taking part in the event act solely on his / her own discretion and at his / her own risk. The Organiser accepts no responsibility, nor liability, for any accidents of whatever kind, causing death or injury, or for any damage or loss of personal property during the race.

Health Condition

All participants must ensure that they are in good health and not suffering from any condition which may render them not recommendable for participating in this race. Participants are advised to undertake adequate training and to consult medical advice from doctors if they are in doubt of their health condition prior to taking part in the race.

The Organiser may suspend/cancel the tournament depending on the actual weather condition. Please check the latest weather condition from the Hong Kong Observatory.